small semi hiatus
so, i'm currently at school doing my alevels, which is the equivalent of junior and senior year in america i think? anyway, the next two years are important and i really need to put my head down, considering i didn't last year. i need to hit the books, since they don't hit back, am i right?
rl avril lavigne
i'm standing on a bridge. i'm waiting in the dark. i thought that you'd be here by now. there's nothing but the rain. no footsteps on the ground. i'm listening but there's no sound. isn't anyone trying to find me? won't somebody come take me home?
        and she will be loved.
katie; sixteen, united kingdom.

i'm used to it. i'm used to being cancelled on. i'm used to being left out. i'm used to being the second option. i'm used to being forgotten about. i'm used to being ignored. i'm used to getting the blame. it's okay. so don't feel bad if you do any of these things to me. i've learned to keep my expectations low, just so none of these things would matter.

here to help aid all your roleplaying needs. +

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1. I’ll Be There For You; The Rembrants // 2. Titanium; David Guetta feat. Sia // 3. Everybody Talks; Glee Cast // 4. Miss Movin’ On; Fifth Harmony // 5. Gold; Victoria Justice // 6. I Love It; Icona Pop // 7. Burn; Ellie Goulding // 8. When I Grow Up; Pussycat Dolls // 9. Who’s Laughing Now; Jessie J // 10. Best Song Ever; One Direction // 11. Born This Way; Lady Gaga // 12. Bring It All Back;  S Club 7 // 13. Hey Ya; Outkast // 14. Pack Up; Eliza Doolittle // 15. Pompeii; Bastille // 16. Raise Your Glass; P!nk // 17. She’s So Lovely; Scouting For Girls // 18. Uptown Girl; Glee Cast // 19. The Way; Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller // 20. What Makes You Beautiful; One Direction // 21. Wings; Little Mix // 22. 22; Taylor Swift

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