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so, i'm currently at school doing my alevels, which is the equivalent of junior and senior year in america i think? anyway, the next two years are important and i really need to put my head down, considering i didn't last year. i need to hit the books, since they don't hit back, am i right?
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i'm standing on a bridge. i'm waiting in the dark. i thought that you'd be here by now. there's nothing but the rain. no footsteps on the ground. i'm listening but there's no sound. isn't anyone trying to find me? won't somebody come take me home?
        and she will be loved.
katie; sixteen, united kingdom.

i'm used to it. i'm used to being cancelled on. i'm used to being left out. i'm used to being the second option. i'm used to being forgotten about. i'm used to being ignored. i'm used to getting the blame. it's okay. so don't feel bad if you do any of these things to me. i've learned to keep my expectations low, just so none of these things would matter.

here to help aid all your roleplaying needs. +

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kaylagossips presents: character psd #1
  • Fonts used are Bebas and Bebas Neue
  • Everything is in little folders for you.
  • Gradient and PSD are labelled by maker in PSD file.
  • I take no credit for the PSD or gradient used to accent this character PSD.
  • If you have any questions, message me!
download: [mf]


hi i'm sorry if you don't do this you can just delete it if you want, but i have a PSA. if anyone is interested in playing daniel gillies please apply at radley-rpg because it'll make my little heart sing
- happylittlekate spooked

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I’ve never seen a smile so beautiful

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On the internet: Ugh I hate people so much
Applying for a job: I love working with people and I'm very sociable



includes fonts from BASTILLE, HAIM, THE LUMINEERS, etc. 

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#456 small, and the occasional medium MICHAEL CLIFFORD gifs can be found here, requested by me. All of these I collected for my personal use of roleplaying him and using him as a mascot, and I thought I’d share this resource with you all. None of the following gifs belong to me, so full credit to those who made them. There shouldn’t be, but I’m really sorry if they’re any repeats. This took quite a while to collect and then upload, so I’d appreciate a like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way pretty please! {DOWNLOAD}

Ashton with fans 06/11/13

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Does anyone require anything? I’m not doing anything special, and I have nothing to do in my inbox, and I’d loved to see it full.